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We been a family run business and high quality engine machine shop for 30 years. We have state of the art equipment (link for our machine shop page), and full line ups of CNC machinery to build your engine and cylinder heads to the best tolerances.

Each engine, "Short Block" or "Long Block", is Blueprinted to our specific and demanding specifications. Blueprinted engines are commonly done in high performance engines that you see in NASCAR and F1 racing. We start Blueprinting each of our engines by mounting it in our CNC machine to find the exact center lines and necessary deck heights to match.

The engine is then machined to fix and correct factory flaws. That quality of machining and tight exacting tolerances are delivered in all of our engines. Main bearing saddles are align honed or align bored as well to reduce unnecessary friction on the crankshaft.

Block decks are resurfaced with in CNC Machining centers. Cylinder wall thickness is checked by our ultrasonic gauge to check for casting imperfections or thin spots. We achieve the best RA finish per gasket surface, especially head gasket sealing surface on the block deck and cylinder head deck. Surfaces like these are quality checked by our prolifometer, which is a device used to check surface finish to ensure gasket life and efficiency.

Engine blocks, crankshafts and cylinder heads are heat treated and shot pinned blasted to strengthen and harden metal integrity and relieve casting stress. Cylinder heads are receive our complete competition 3 angle valve grind. Our main cap plates are sealed with an additionally high quality silicone to protect from potential main cap plate oil leaks.

All our Long Block engines are run on our simulated test stand to ensure trouble-free engine performance. During this process, oil pressure and engine compression are checked to make sure they're preforming within specification.